Keeping in Touch
Sunday Services at 6.30pm
A Very Warm Welcome

This is a prayer Norma shared with us. A Prayer for 2022.

Our gracious God and loving heavenly father, whose mercies are new every morning, please help us to keep our eyes on Jesus and may the radiance of your Holy Spirit renew our lives, warm our hearts and give light to our minds; that as we pass through each month of this year. Please help us to have a firmer and stronger faith as we joyfully obey you commands and purposes. May your Holy Spirit guide and direct our path as we daily place our trust in You; In Jesus name we pray for your name sake and glory. Amen




Evening Service 6.30pm

Mrs. Penny Bloom & Bob


Evening service 6.30pm

Fellowship Service Mr. Robert Wiseman Communion


Morning Service 10.30am

Mr. Dexter Slatter including infant Baptism.


Evening Service 6.30pm

Fellowship Service


SEPTEMBER  2022     SERVICES at 6.30pm


Evening Service

Mr. Cyril Bamforth


Evening Service

Mr. Charles deLacy, Communion


Evening Service

Mrs. Norma Huxter


Harvest Morning & Evening Services

Family & Parade Service –  Carol Hutchings

Harvest Songs of Praise


What’s On in AUGUST

Tues 2nd            Prayer in vestry                                      09.45-10.00

                         Meet up at Coffee & Chat                        10.00-12.00

Thurs 4th          Knit & Natter                                          10.00-12.00

Sun 7th         Penny Bloom and Bob on his guitar    18.30

Tues 9th            Prayer in vestry                                      09.45-10.00

                         Meet up at Coffee & Chat                        10.00-12.00

Thurs  11th        Knit and Natter                                      10.00-12.00

Sun 14th       Fellowship Service                     18.30

Tues 16th           Prayer in vestry                                      09.45-10.00

                         Meet up at a Special  Coffee & Chat       10.00-12.00

                         Theme ‘SUMMER’ Beach party & Quiz

Thurs 18th         Knit & Natter                                          10.00-12.00

Sun 21st          Mr. Dexter Slatter, Colchester      10.30

                 Including infant Baptism

Tues 23rd          Prayers in the Vestry                             09.45-10.00

                         Meet up at Coffee & Chat                        10.00-12.00

Thurs 25th        Knit & Natter                                         10.00-12.00

Sun 28th       Fellowship Service                      18.30


August is proving to be a busy month despite it being holiday time. It has been so lovely to see and welcome new faces to Coffee and Chat. Denise and Mandy are doing such an amazing job and willing to keep it going throughout the year. Thank you both so very much. As I keep banging on every newsletter, this church would close without all the friends who help to keep our doors open. We love to see people and use the building for the benefit of this community. The older I get I realise more and more how we need each other, a place to come and socialise to have a laugh and a joke and share our news, worries, troubles or whatever it might be.

Phew! Hasn’t it been so hot!! As many of you know we have been away for a couple of week in our special spot in North Devon. We were very blessed with the weather, it was too hot the first few days to do anything. Twiggy our dog spent the entire time under our caravan. Our holiday was very lazy indeed, just going for a walk in the evenings when it was a little cooler. It was so lovely to be able to sit and read or just enjoy the scenery all around us. One of our trips out during the 2nd weeks when the weather was much cooler, but still gloriously sunny was to the Valley of Rocks and walking the cliff edge path to Lynton.

As we stood there surrounded by these huge rock formations and ambled along the cliff edge looking down into the bluest sea and across to Wales, it just took your breath away at the sheer magnificence and beauty. We found a seat along the path and just sat and absorbed the splendour. How blessed we are and it is moments that we think about God and how our world was created. You can have those moments in the smallest of things too as we look at the flowers in our gardens or yesterday when I took my Granddaughter into the Memorial Gardens and we watched the baby ducklings and how comically they were behaving. We both laughed and enjoyed a special moment together.

God’s Canvas

He opened His great big paint box and coloured the sky perfect blue. He dropped the clouds in very gently and made winds blow too. He tinted the sea with aquamarine and to fishes He gave crystal shine. Then within the brown earth He put grasses of green and flowers of all colours divine.

He painted the leaves of sienna and gold. Made all around look fresh and new, then, each perfect thing, a joy to behold He gave, for our pleasure, to view. To add to all these things we can see He gave us ears to hear and senses of smell and touch as well to bring all good things near. So wherever we go in this world today, whatever we look at or feel, we thank Him, that from His paint box He makes everything that is real!              By June Little 

Being away I missed Jo and Roberts wedding, which I know went off really lovely and they were so happy to be able to share it with you all. It was wonderful to have a wedding at the church, the first for many years.  The weather was perfect for them too. Jo and Robert wish to say thank you to the church and those who contributed to their wedding gift. We will be very sad to see them go off to Lincoln shortly. We will miss them both very much, It has been great getting to know Robert and he has been a big help and encouragement to the fellowship.

NEED INFORMATION? Listed below are some helpful numbers

CHURCH CONTACTS- on line – www.silverendcongregationalchurch.org

Church Open                     Tuesday            10.00 – 12 noon

Coffee & Chat                    Tuesday            10.00 - 12 noon

Open Book                         1st & 3rd Wednesday       10.30 – 11.30am Re-start Sept.

Church Secretary & Enquiries                Mrs. J. Bartlett         Tel.561959

Church Treasurer           Mrs. S. Gray     Tel. 07710 285214

                                                e.mail             sharon@silverend.org

Church Telephone No.            01376 584306       Post Code CM8 3QF (Silver Street)

Silver End Guiding Group        Contact Mrs. Carol Hutchings 07857 663959

Rainbows, Guides, Brownies, Rangers

Tues.         Silver Swans Movement Class 11.00-12pm             Contact Gemma 07597 649240

Wed.         Carolyn’s Dance Group - Disco/Street Dance           Contact Harriet 07855 014717

Thurs.       SILVER TOTS (Baby & Toddler Group) at 9.45am- Nikki 07809 761902 (Term Time)

Thurs.       Knit & Natter Thursday 10.00 – 12 noon    Contact, Barbara 01376 585467

SCOUT GROUP    Dan Sutton (Scout Leader)            dan@silverend-scouts.org.uk 

 07970 730636



There is so much to pray about! This earth, our World, God’s creation – How we look after our resources and be thankful

We feel, we are in a big crisis at the moment in this Country, with so many things going on in this world, which affect us here. To top that a leadership battle to see who will become our new Prime Minister.

As I sit here we are in a middle of a drought in this part of the Country. How fortunate we are to be able to turn on a tap and have fresh water delivered to our homes. We have been reminded of this blessing and use it more carefully especially at this time.

I know that many people will be concerned about paying their utility bills this winter, with rising costs and the warnings on the News, just make people panic all the more.

We take all of these resources for granted now, and expect them to always be there at a flick of a switch. Of course we wouldn’t want to go backwards and we pay enough for our energy and water and expect it to be there. I am old enough to remember when I was a small child some of my family living in cottages, where we pumped up the water, had outside toilet, just a bucket no flush, cooked on open fire or range and had candles and oil lamps for light. So how we have advanced in such a short time. I know that people living in Silver End lived in very modern housing in comparison to many in the villages around. Of course everything now is instant, just a switch or a heating programme that is automatic and we expect it. Let’s be thankful and ask God to help us to trust Him for the future and put everything in His hands as times get tough for us and everyone.

We do need to pray especially for families at this time, who will find themselves in situations that they have never had to deal with before.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine – the misery for those who have lost loved ones on both sides, for the destruction of a Nation and that just puts all our countries problems into perspective.

We give thanks for holidays, or days out and time spent with family or friends. We especially would pray for the young people of this village who await their exam results later this month. It is an anxious time for many especially after the last 2 years of their education being disrupted, because of covid.

We pray for all those grieving at this time, especially remembering Irene Lines and family whose husband John died very recently. The family are very well known in the village and would value your prayers.

Pray for those struggling with their health. We know there are quite a few people who are attached to the church who fall into this category. It may be physical, but also our mental health can be a factor. Please pray for one another, we don’t always realise how people are feeling or what concerns they may have. We lift them all to the Lord for his love, help and care.

We remember and pray for those we miss seeing on a Sunday or a Tuesday at Coffee & Chat. Especially thinking of Judy, Rose, and Pam Baxter.


The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine upon you,

the Lord hold you safely forever. Amen