†ďMay the God of Hope fill you completely with Joy and Peace because you Trust in him.Ē††††† †††††††††† Romans 15:13


Happy Blessed & Safe New Year

May the faith of God

Be with you this year

May the peace of God

Surround you,

And may you be blessed

Each day!

Happy New Year


Hello sorry this news sheet is a bit late in the day! Allan and myself have had to isolate for a couple of weeks, because of the Covid virus in the family. I can report all are doing well. Thanks Be To God.

Lockdown No. 3: Here we are again, at the beginning of this New Year with hope in our hearts that things will improve, especially with the vaccine coming. We all know and except that things are very tough right now and the next two months are going to be hard to endure and we must not be complacent and keep the rules!, but we can hold onto the HOPE of these 2 new vaccines and trust in God to see us through each day as it passes. We are blessed in many, many ways, when you see the news and the distress for so many. Be thankful.



I received this on my phone a few days ago. I thought it was great and a reminder for us to be thankful.

Not Everything is Cancelled!

Sunshine is not cancelled

Love s not cancelled

Relationships are not cancelled

Reading is not cancelled

Naps are not cancelled

Devotion is not cancelled

Music is not cancelled

Dancing is not cancelled

Imagination is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Conversations are not cancelled

HOPE is not cancelled.

Andrew Clarke Counselling


I am guessing for all of us it was quite different from usual and from what perhaps you had planned. All my familyís plans went out the window, but we felt very thankful, because we have the technology to do a Zoom Meeting with† the family in the different houses. We were able to share in the present opening and see our Grandchildren enjoying their gifts. It brought us together and I know how blessed we are and feel very much for those of you who are not able to be with your families and can only speak to them on the phone. I am sure many tears were shed over this Christmas period.

†It has been our tradition for over 30 years to do a Boxing Day walk. The tradition was started by my parents. My Dads birthday being the 26th December we would all set out to an arranged place and our favourite destination was East Mersea for a walk and a car boot picnic. This year of course our tradition didnít happen. Allan and I did go out for a very muddy walk around the wood with the dogs, bumping into a number a people and family too, all keeping socially distant of course. It was good to get out and walk off some of those chocolates and cake. I was very pleased to have taken my walking stick with me, it was so muddy it was a job to keep upright! and no I hadnít been on the Sherry! My thoughts turned again to the very many blessings we have living where we do. To be able to go outside and take a little walk even if it is just around where you live and see the beautiful Christmas lights that people had put in their gardens this year, just fantastic! It really did cheer us all up to brighten these dark days and nights. I canít say I enjoyed the fireworks on New Years Eve, but thatís another story.

See Life as a Privilege not a Right


Letís Keep Shining

Keep me shining, Lord, keep me shining, Lord in all I say and do. That the world may see Christ lives in me, and learns to love him too.


Jokes to make you Smile

The buttons on my jeans have started social distancing from each other.


Keep in mind, even during a pandemic, no matter how much chocolate you eat, your earrings will still fit.


Until further notice, the days of the week are now called, thisday, thatday, otherday, someday, yesterday, today & nextday.


Father thank You that You have promised us, that You will never leave us or forsake us. As we begin this New Year with so much uncertainty we look to You to lead us with thankfulness, assurance and trust, knowing that promise in our hearts, You will never leave us or forsake us.

Father Help us to reach out to those in need, the sick, the lonely and the unsure. We feel helpless about what we can do, but we know that You will guide us and help us to do what we can. We do bring before You names on our own hearts, maybe friends or family who are ill with Covid or suffering badly with ongoing pain caused from arthritis. Those who have discovered lumps and worry about Cancer. Some who are suffering from Cancer. Others who are going through terrible times with Mental Health. Remember those grieving, especially Alisha and family. So much and so many to remember.

Lord, we pray for and appreciate those who serve around the clock to protect and look after us. We think especially of the NHS, Ambulance, Doctors, Nurses, Carers, who are being pressed beyond measure at this dangerous time. We pray for the Police and for the Armed Forces who are helping to distribute the vaccine around the Country. We are thankful that whatever it maybe, they respond to emergencies and care for the vulnerable.

We remember schools, teachers, support staff and especially the children doing home schooling and their parents. Difficult times for all.

We are especially thankful at this time for the scientists who have worked so hard to develop these vaccines. We pray for all who will be receiving their Vaccines very soon.



Huge, huge† Thank you to everyone who helped to decorate the outside of the church for Christmas. It was a magnificent effort‼ We had some very kind folks from the village who donated lights and many groups who hung things from the trees and hedge at the front of the church. Thank you to the gang who helped put the decorations and battery lights up, especially Sandra, Carol, Pam, Jim and their Grandsons. Brenda made the most beautiful homemade door wreath from some conifers branches in her garden along with more creative items. Other people added to the display as the days went by. Ruth is one who especially came up on her mobility scooter with her contribution. It was a truly marvellous effort and has been appreciated by those passing the church. Thank you all so much, it was lovely to think that people cared enough to show their kindness.

Giving: Thank you everyone who has/is contributing to keep the church going. We are trying to keep everything in good order. We have recently had to pay the church insurance which took very nearly £1,500 from our account. Thank you all so much for your continued support for the church and the Lordís work here.

Whatís been happening at the church over the last month? Sadly our proposed outside Carol Service had to be cancelled after much tougher restrictions came into place when we were put into Tier 4. Silver Tots managed to keep meeting as planned until the Christmas break. We thank the leaders very much for all their efforts to support families in our area. Unfortunately with things in much tougher restriction and the schools being closed, they will not be able to open at this present time. The heating is set to come on for an hour if the temperature falls low, this is just to maintain the buildings. They are still checked out twice a week. All the outside decorations have been taken down and tidied up from the front of the church by our fantastic cleaning team, Sarah and Luke. I know this was a mammoth task and as Allan and myself were not allowed out at the time we were unable to help. Thank you very much. We have been approached by the Parish Council to help out with the SilverEnd Larder (foodbank). We hope that we will be able to do this. Another big thank you to Duncan our church neighbour, who has kindly offered to jet wash the paths both sides of the church. People are so kind.

Great News We would like to congratulate Samantha (Hutchings) and John on the birth of their new baby, Henry. Samantha is our Guide Leader and Carolís daughter. We are so thrilled for all the family. It is just so sad that with the lockdown, they will not be able to get together in quite the same way to see baby Henry and enjoy lots of cuddles together. We send our love and congratulations to all and hope that soon things will get easier for everyone.

Thanks everyone for keeping in touch with one another, it truly makes a big difference. Thank you to Malcolm who keeps us encouraged with his messages twice a week. Also Pauline who faithfully telephones folk, especially through these lockdown days.

Keep praying for Roy. He is in good spirits and feels well despite taking his medication. So that is good news. People in the village are now being called to have their 1st Vaccine injections, this lifts our hearts also. We pray that his will all go smoothly throughout our County and the whole Country. We give thanks to everyone involved in this mammoth undertaking.

Remember to keep one another in prayer.