But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.                                                         2 Thessalonians 3:3

JULY  2021


Hello everyone,

I have added a few extra people to my letterbox drop, welcome.

JULY is nearly with us and our weather has gone from one extreme to the other. Cold to very hot and back to cold, and next week is looking mixed so we will see what comes. We have had the longest day, so the light evenings will be getting shorter from now on. We have been away for a few days in Norfolk and returning last Saturday we couldn’t believe what an explosion of growth in our garden. So lovely to see lots of beautiful flowers smiling at us along with all the very tall weeds of course. I found this Poem which I thought I would share as it reminded me of our garden.


My Summer Garden


On summer evenings, warm and fine,
when work is done and time is mine,
when sun glows rich on leaf and vine,
I wander round my garden.

I see the poppies bright and bold,
and bumble bees of black and gold
that hum among the blooms untold
that perfume all my garden.

Forget-me-nots of dainty blue,
sweet Cicely and bitter rue,
hot marigolds of fiery hue,
all thrive within my garden.

And as the dusk creeps ever near
and colours fade and disappear,
the silver moon shines soft and clear
and watches o’er my garden

  By Margaret Ingall




Coffee and Chat has re-started as planned on the 22nd June. It was absolutely wonderful to see you all come along and enjoy the morning chatting and catching up with each another. It felt so good and the atmosphere was lovely. We did put a table outside, but had no takers as it was rather chilly. We of course have to abide by strict rules set in place to keep us all safe. Everyone took that onboard and kept to the rules that are set in place for hospitality.

We have to say a big thank you to Mandy and Denise who have kindly offered to be in charge of the Kitchen area. They worked together very well with Mandy doing the waitressing and Denise keeping us supplied with tea, coffee and cake. The church really appreciates all the offers of help which is greatly supportive and I am sure your services will be called on. At the moment with such strict restrictions we have named staff doing the kitchen duties. You have all been so amazing thank you for coming and supporting the church. (Big Smiley Face)




As mentioned in the last Newsletter for those who didn’t attend the meeting, we have to inform you that the Rev. Malcolm Boulter has had to step down as Overseeing Pastor due to some health problems. He has realised that he now needs to retire fully from many of the things that he has been involved in for many years. Not living in the village and looking long term he is just unable to carry on. It came as quite a shock for many folk and he and Pauline will be greatly missed. I know that many of you have really appreciated all their efforts through this awful pandemic. Malcolm has promised to carry on with the CD Messages and hymns for the time being until we start our services again. We will see him and Pauline from time to time when he is able to lead the occasional service. Karen and Nick have also stepped down as Deacons due to their work load

Jo, Anne and myself have held a meeting since and we have put some plans into place. Services will re-commence on 5th September. The services will be at 6.30pm plus some Family and Parade Services in the mornings. Next month news letter will lay out properly what is happening. Thank you for your continued support.


We want to put the church at the heart of our community, showing our faith in action as we serve and encourage one another. We are small but our prayers are important and something we all can do. You can make a difference.

Don’t despise small beginnings As Covid 19 has forced churches all across the world back to small beginnings, it would be easy to see this as a setback; but what if this is a divine strategy to usher in a new move of God? Throughout history, small groups of faithful people have been powerfully used by God to usher in great moves of the spirit. If you are part of something ‘small’ today, can I encourage you? By embracing something small and allowing God to use it, you could be part of ushering in a new move of God.                      David L’Herroux



5th        6.30pm – Songs of Praise

12th       6.30pm - Mr. Charles deLacy

19th       6.30pm – To be announced

26th       10.00am - Harvest Thanksgiving

                       Family and Parade Service.

            6.30pm - Harvest Songs of Praise




I thought I would update you on what has been happening in the Gray household. I think you might be surprised to hear I have been to London AGAIN! Another wonderful day out this time with some friends on a planned day of adventure. We were booked to go on a Speedboat down the Thames. The weather was glorious and we walked from Liverpool Street along the Embankment crossing over the Thames on the Millennium Bridge to the south embankment the atmosphere was great lots of people about, music from buskers and different aromas of food being cooked We had already stopped on the way at a quiet little café on the embankment for a coffee in the sunshine.

We made our way to the Millennium Wheel where we picked up our boat. Wow, what fun we had! We had front seats and as we made our way out towards Tower Bridge we were able to take lots of photographs and take in our surroundings, after Tower Bridge the boat began to pick up speed, it was just great the boat swerved from side to side for the fun effect, this continued until we almost reached Greenwich. Once back at Tower Bridge our boat guide began to tell us about all the history of the buildings, we went up to just after the Houses of Parliament, before returning. On our way back along the embankment we stopped off for lunch, which was very pleasant. Our day finished in a Cocktail Bar, which was a first for me. I limited myself to two and very nice they were too. It was a really nice day out and something I shall never forget. It lifts your spirits to see people out and about having fun as we all were. As, already mentioned we have had a few days in Norfolk in our caravan, we had a great time doing nothing much. It was a true feeling of freedom. We spent times walking in woods along a disused canal looking for butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies also a little bit on the beach, Twiggy had a swim, I only paddled! As many of you know I celebrated a birthday whilst away We went to Sheringham in the pouring rain and the wind blew the cobwebs away. On a sad note the Saturday before we went to Norfolk we had to make the decision to have our dear old cat Harry put to sleep, he had an amazing 25 years of life and we miss him very much. As many of you know he was very vocal and so when I come in I miss him making himself known, the house seems so silent.




Thank you for all the encouragement and offers of help given to myself and Jo, as the church and groups start to return to normality People are very kind and generous. As already mentioned the Coffee and Chat wouldn’t have re-started without Denise and Mandy. It is still a very difficult time for many people, when one day you feel everything is getting back to normal then the doom and gloom begins again and can bring you down. I have recently read Captain Tom’s book which he wrote last year, just before he died, called ‘Life Lessons’ What a wonderful book, he touched on all his long life. What a positive outlook he had in all things. You just get on with whatever life brings and see the good in it. He was a truly remarkable man and the likes of his generation who lived through some very tough times and faced hardship but survived and thrived. I would fully recommend reading it if you get the chance. It certainly inspires you to be positive thinking, looking forward to tomorrow, which, ‘will be a good day’

Giving Thank you all so much for all the gifts you pass onto me. I will be making a journey to the bank next week if you have any donations. Thank you

Grounds and cleaning I can report that the bonfire has taken place. The grass, stinging nettles and brambles are growing like crazy this year with all the rainfall, if any groups who use the outside grounds can help keep cutting back some of the growth we would very much appreciate it. Thanks for all the extra jobs that have been done around the building, jobs that nobody notices, like de-frosting the fridge, putting new batteries in all the clocks, putting the bins and recycling out. All very much appreciated.

Thanks for keeping in touch with one another. We are still finding it hard to re-adjust to normality, it is okay until you want to go somewhere and do something which involves more than just yourself. I personally can’t wait for the rules to be dropped about face masks. I find them so horrible when shopping. I would ask for that rule to be dropped.

Prayers Please pray for Stuart, whose wife Linda has died. Stuart has made lots of friends in the village and supported us on many occasions. Stuart cared for Linda 24/7 and I am sure he must feel very bereft without her. We send our love and prayers for him at this very sad time. There is so much worry, sadness and anxiety around at this moment in time. It has a knock on effect and touches us all in ways that we have never experienced before. We continue to pray for Roy, who has kept good health with all the medication he is taking. Also pray for Derek and Shelia Gilder. We pray especially for Shelia and the family to be given the strength to care for Derek Please remember Brenda she has broken bones in one of her feet after a fall, poor Brenda; she is in a lot of pain. Also pray for Iris and Shelia Want who struggle to get out about for a number of reasons. There are others in the fellowship who need our prayers so please pray for one another every day. We pray for those who are taking a holiday this month. A chance to have a change of scenery, feeling free and relaxed: a rest from the usual routines of life. We would ask for your prayers for the Congregational Church. We pray for Gods protection on all who meet together for which ever group, for the leaders and helpers. We thank God that our halls are used in this village where we live. We pray for a mighty blessing on all these groups and the helpers who keep them going. Pray that God will make something grow from small beginnings, and use us in a mighty way Amen