But as for me, I will look to the LORD. I will wait for the God of my salvation.
 My God will hear me.
Micah 7:7


JUNE  2021



Hello everyone

June, half way through the year and at last some sunshine!

“June is bustin out all over’ and it certainly is. This song came to my mind as I sat to type this Newsletter. Words by Rodgers and Hammerstein from the film Carousel, I do enjoy watching a good musical.

May’s weather has been very disappointing we are longing for some warmth and settled weather, my little bedding plants are struggling and yet the glory of nature is around from the magnificent trees and hedgerows. The sheep’s parsley is so tall this year, I get swamped by it, the Hawthorn bushes/trees known as May, “cast not a clout until May is out” are in full flower and remind you that summer is coming. Plus Springwatch is back on the TV. So much to smile about.

I really like this song written by John Rutter: Look at the World

Look at the World, everything all around us. Look at the world and marvel every day. Look at the world: so many joys and wonders, so many miracles along our way. Praise to thee, O lord for all creation. Give us thankful hearts that we may see, all the gifts we share, and every blessing, All things come of thee……..this song carries on and the last two lines read: We are His hands, stewards of all His bounty. His is the earth and His the heavens above.

We must do all we can to look after it!


REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL  I hope and trust you are all keeping well? I cannot believe another month has gone by, nearly half way through this year already! We are all adjusting to having a bit more freedom again. What a privilege to be able to meet people inside. Have you had anyone around for a Coffee or a cup of tea? My brother and sister in law came to visit us last week for the first time in nearly a year. We did sit outside for a short time but it was so cold, it was great to be able to come inside. It all feels so very strange, I went to London last Saturday with my daughter. We went up the Shard, it was a gift to Lucy and I from two Christmases ago! We had such a lovely time and London was very busy! After we got over the shock of that, we so enjoyed some normality apart from our masks of course. The views from the Shard were amazing and we took tea at the very top. It was great to see people out and about enjoying sitting along the Thames embankment eating ice creams despite the weather being iffy. The one thing I noticed which I have never noticed before in London was how many dogs were being walked along, I lost count, I don’t know if it was just that I am so out of being amongst people or there are a lot more people in London with dogs normally. We finished our day enjoying ‘Afternoon Tea’ at St. Catherine’s Dock and a walk around there looking at all the lovely boats, barges and houseboats. We finished off our day walking around the walls of the Tower of London on our way back to Liverpool Street Station.

Church News

This newsletter is just out before our church meeting on 30th May. The Deacons did meet and we have called the church meeting, because we have some serious matters to consider about the future of the church. The meeting is Sunday 30th May at 4pm at the church. We would value your prayers for this meeting.

Some good news as we go forward is that Coffee and Chat will be re-starting on the Tuesday 22nd June at 10.30am. I have met with Doreen, Mandy Bugg and Denise Clarke, they have both been eager to get things going again.. Mandy doesn’t work at Valentine House anymore, but doesn’t think the residents would be able to come up just yet with all the Care Home rules. Doreen is happy for Denise to take over from her in the kitchen, as she finds things a little difficult at times, so can’t commit and do what she has in the past. We have decided to wait until that date to make sure that hopefully the rules will be a little easier after the June 21st deadline. We thought we would set up in the church and have a table outside the front weather permitting for people who may prefer to stay out in the fresh air. We are not sure how it will go but we can always adjust to see how people like it. There will be waitress service to minimise people wandering around inside but it will be just lovely to open up the church for people who long to just get out for an hour to have a chat with friends.


But you, when you pray, enter into your inner room, and having shut your door, pray to your Father whom is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.             Matthew 6:6

Incredibly, right now ‘How to pray’ is searched online more than ‘How to dance’ and ‘How to sing’ on Google. I don’t know about you but I find prayer difficult to sit down quietly and do. My mind always drifts off to what might be happening in the Gray household. Many of you know that I find when I am out walking the dogs I find that’s my quiet time, away from distraction. Where I can talk to Jesus or listen to what he has to say to me. When I am home I have to make a list of prayer pointers to keep me on track. Prayer is powerful and it is something we all can do. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, it is just talking to God as you would to anyone, sharing what is on your heart and mind. Making room in our lives for Jesus is so important to help us grow our relationship with Him. Our Fellowship needs your prayers.

Recently at St. Francis, the Rev. Paul was talking about how powerful prayer is and inviting us to take part in ‘Our Kingdom come’ movement where you choose a person or people to pray for each day throughout say the month of June. Perhaps you could do that? Or maybe pray for the road you live on. Paul also told us a few years ago Christian people were wearing one of those charity type bracelets with the initials PUSH which stands for Pray Until Something Happens‼ Perhaps we could adopt that slogan here?

A note from Val,

I just want to thank everyone at Silver End who has been praying for me, also for your kind thoughts etc.. I don’t want to name individuals, as I am sure to leave someone out.

I think most of you know I went into hospital on the 5th May to have spinal surgery. They have apparently done a good job, but unfortunately it has shown up a hip problem, which has come as a shock, Also I am still in pain, which I did not expect. I now have to wait to see someone about that. I also have a damaged shoulder ligament which will have to be done in the future. There is a saying “it doesn’t rain but it pours!” and that is how I have felt lately. I am very aware of peoples kindness from Silver End. Sharon has kept in touch regularly and been very kind, and so have many others, As I said I cannot name too many people in case I leave someone out. But want to send my love and thanks to everyone. I do think about you all, and hope it might be possible in the near future, if Geoff can bring me over to the coffee morning if that is possible and this Covid pandemic allows us.

Meantime God Bless you all and many thanks for your kindness, prayers and love.

God Bless from us both  Val & Geoff


I found this and thought it fitted nicely with this Newsletter.

Just close your eyes and open your heart, and feel your cares and worries depart. Just yield yourself to the Father above, and let Him hold you secure in His love. For life on Earth grows involved, with endless problems that can’t be solved. But God only asks to do our best, then He will take over and finish the rest. So when you are tired, discouraged and blue, there’s always one door that is open to you. And that is the door to the house of prayer; you’ll find God waiting to meet you there. And the house of prayer is no further away, than the quiet spot where you kneel to pray. For the heart is a temple when God is there, as we place ourselves in His loving care. And He hears every prayer and answers each one, when we pray in His name, “Thy will be done.” And the burdens that seemed too heavy to bear are lifted away in the house of prayer.

Giving  Thank you all so much for all the gifts you pass onto me. I will be making a journey to the bank next week if you have any donations. Thank you

Grounds Martin is keeping the grass tidy and Duncan the hedge. The bonfire hasn’t taken place yet, because of the wet weather, an attempt was made but Luke couldn’t get it going. It may well have happened by the time this reaches you, weather permitting.

Thanks for keeping in touch with one another. It will take us a while to re-adjust as hopefully things return to some sort of normality. We thank our friends at St. Francis for their warm welcome, Anne, Roy and myself have enjoyed fellowship with them. Last Sunday the Rev. Val Drury took their Pentecost Service which was very moving.

News  I think most news has already been covered in this Newsletter. I had the pleasure of popping in to see Val and Geoff for a quick catch up. Val was cheerful, but frustrated with the constant fight to get an appointment with the doctors. Harriet who runs the children’s Dance Group on a Wednesday evening is starting a group for the tiny ones on a Wednesday/Friday morning. She has had a lot of interest so will see how it goes. It is good that we can share our building with the community.

Prayers There is still a lot of anxiety about relaxing the rules too quickly especially with this new Indian variant. We do ask God to help us cope with whatever comes our way. Fortunately the numbers are very low in our part of the Country. We do pray for the skills of the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly to help return loved ones to their families. Remember all who mourn, there has been so much sadness over the last couple of weeks on our televisions and not all to do with the Covid Virus. There are so many people who are finding life very difficult physically and those suffering from mental illness. Quite often these things are unseen by the outside world, but God knows all about each and every one of us. He knows us inside out and he cares. Just have a little chat with Him and tell Him how you feel. Please do keep folk in your prayers, some feeling quite isolated still.. We pray for Roy, Val, Malcolm, Shelia, Rose our friends at Valentine House and those at the Boars Tye Home. Please pray for Shelia and Derek Gilder these last months have been and are increasingly difficult. We would ask for your prayers for this Fellowship and our church meeting. Thank you