‘From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy. Let me dwell in Your tent forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of Your wings’                                                Psalm 61:2-4




Hello, I have the three words above stuck on my fridge. I often look at them and think about my day. I certainly don’t laugh as much as I would like and I think I might add DANCE as well‼ Another of my favourite fridge notes is “It’s Not difficult, just get on with it‼” Sometimes when you are struggling, it is hard to ‘just get on with it.’ I am wondering how you are doing? It is hard to keep positive at times, but we can dig deep. The bible teaches us that we have Hope, found in Jesus. In John 10.10 it says ‘I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.’ This life comes from within us despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. 2020 is proving to be an unforgettable year to say the least. Our ‘normal’ life stopped months ago. Many have faced illness and loss, uncertainty with jobs, and many of us have faced isolation. My prayer is that God will use whatever we have experienced this year for good. Now with another lockdown, a ‘life’ in all its fullness starts with the gospel, invite Jesus to be with you, and in you then Live, Laugh, Love and just get on with whatever comes your way. Stay positive and safe.

CHURCH – Unfortunately we remain closed. Please keep praying!

COFFEE MORNINGS Again we remain unable to meet. Keep in touch!

OUTREACH Malcolm and Pauline continue working hard to keep us all connected and doing a great job! Thanks Malcolm, much appreciated.

St. Francis Church. Remains open on a Sunday morning for private prayers. Rev. Paul continues with his on-line service every Sunday.


We are very sad that our Remembrance Sunday Service is not able to go ahead this year. The village hall was booked and Charles deLacy was coming over for a short gathering around the war memorial. A great deal of work had gone into making this happen. Dan Sutton from Scouts has worked very hard to put this all together. Unfortunately a physical service is no longer allowed, but I am pleased to say our service will be broadcast on Sunday morning at 10.45 by Dan from his home. Charles will give his address from his home, by means of the wonders of technology! You can view this on www.remembrance2020.online if you have the internet on your computer, laptop or smartphone.

LOCKDOWN AGAIN After hearing the announcement on Saturday about another lockdown my heart sunk. I felt very down hearted to say the least. But Wow, over the weekend I was reminded how thankful I should be. Not only for all the blessings I enjoy but for the faith and testament of others who have and are going through very testing times. On Saturday evening Roy (Davies) telephoned me to say he had received his results from his scan the previous week. The news was not good; he has stage 2 Liver cancer. Roy was very upbeat, laughing, singing and still praising God. Roy is so thankful to God for His presence in his life, he rejoices about all he has been able to do and is still doing. Roy says he feels no pain and is putting his trust in God as each day passes. It was also the anniversary of Jean’s death, whom he misses very much. Roy is amazing and he is a living testimony to his faith in God. Then on Sunday morning Anne and I went to St. Francis. With news of the lockdown the Rev. Paul was not allowed to come, because he is shielding. Ruth stood up to announce this, she then went on to give us a wonderful testimony of her thanks to God over the past 5 years that she has gone through breast cancer. Ruth gave us a very in depth diary of events and how she thanks God for his presence. Ruth received a letter from the hospital on Saturday and was given the final all clear. She is so thankful to everyone who had been praying for her over this time and intends to say thank you to all the churches whom have held her in their prayers. Ruth told us about the very moving experience she had when some folk from the Christian Fellowship came and laid hands on her right at the beginning of her treatment. She told us about how she thanked the surgeon later on after the operation and told him that her church had prayed for him and she said he was quite overcome with her words and thanks. Ruth is very thankful for all the love and care she has received from many, especially Erica who made sure she was ok after she came home from hospital.

Ruth was full of praise and thanks to God for his love and care seeing her through each day. Roy was also at St. Francis full of joy and thanks to God encouraging and uplifting those present.

Rev. John D. Parker Minister Emeritus

Anne and I were very privileged to be asked to attend John’s funeral. What a beautiful service! and a wonderful testament to John. The family had put together a very moving and dignified service, which I am sure John would have approved of. There were wonderful tributes from each member of the family. Also Margaret Morris from the Congregational Federation came and gave a testimony of all John’s work and service over many years building up the Federation from the very beginning. The service lasted over an hour and included some of St. Mary’s choir singing the hymns. Other music was also played and as a surprise to us all we found out that John enjoyed ABBA’s ‘Thank you for the music,’ which was also included. As the hearse pulled away I felt how privileged I have been, to have known John and called him my friend and pastor and for all those he has touched and served throughout his life. Please keep John’s family in your prayers.


Father God, we praise You for the eternal security and hope that is ours through trusting in Christ who died and rose again to deliver us from sin and death and reconcile us to You. Please strengthen those who feel weak in their faith and protect them from all harm. Amen

Lord our Healer, we long for Covid-19 to diminish so that people throughout the world may be delivered and can recover from its terrible scourge; causing death, sickness, economic and personal hardship. Grant wisdom to governments and health professionals who are seeking to keep everyone safe. Amen

Lord, we so appreciate those who serve around the clock to protect us from attacks of many kinds, maintain law and order, respond to emergencies and care for the vulnerable. Please help them in their work, and prompt them to look to You for strength in times of need. Amen

Lord we pray for our local schools, their pupils and all staff members. It has been a very difficult time making adjustments, trying to maintain safety and normality. Many children have found settling back into school very difficult. We especially pray for organisations like C.Y.O who work with schools and pupils in so many ways. Pray that the Lord will be with them and help them.

Lord so much to pray about throughout this world. Earthquakes, poverty, refugees, mental health, the election in America……Lord you know our hearts, Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

THANKS & NEWS World Kindness Day 13th NOV

Giving I am very fortunate to receive many gifts either for myself or for the church. People are always so kind. I often feel quite overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, Margaret Martin, being one. Recently Margaret dropped off a gift for the church, a beautiful new tea towel she found in a local charity shop. She loved the words printed on the towel, especially after listening to Ruth on Sunday morning. I like them too. It is an Irish Blessing. So I thought I would share it with you all. “May your troubles be less and your blessing be more. And may nothing but happiness come through your door.

We will be reminded on Sunday of how thankful we should be to all our Servicemen and Women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. Many of you will be missing our Remembrance day service, but if you are out and about, please check out the hedge at the front of the church. The W.I. and others have knitted some Poppies and people have decorated stones and coloured in poppies. It is so sad this year that we cannot buy even a Poppy at our local shops. A big thank you to Sandra Wilson who has organised this display.

Thanks Pauline for all the phone calls you make. I am told what a difference it makes to peoples days and cheers them up. As the dark nights are upon us now it’s good to keep in touch with one another, with phone calls, cards, letters. The Church building may be closed…but the Church is still active and alive! We are the church and not the building.

Sadly because of the lockdown all our activities at the hall have had to close again. So much time and expense has gone into having the building re-opened it feels very sad. More so for our young people who need to socialise and express themselves in different ways. I would like to thank all the leaders who have worked so hard. I know how much it has meant to the children to be able to meet again. My Granddaughter Daisy is now a Rainbow and she has grown in confidence and comes home beaming and full of joy. We do hope that this lockdown is indeed for only the 1 month!

Sadly we have lost more people from the village who were well known to many of the older generation of the village. John Felton and Godfrey Scott. I didn’t know John, but I know many of you did. Godfrey was a very good friend to many. He lost his wife Angela many years ago at a young age. She was connected to our church through her mother Mrs. Graham who regularly attended church. Such a lovely person I remember her well, she loved many of the old Sankey hymns, which we always sang at the Women’s Meeting. “In the Heavenly Pastures Fair” was one of her favourites. I am going back nearly 40 years. Oh dear I am getting old. I asked Allan to make it so our choir could sing it. Please continue to remember all who are grieving and anxious for the future.

Keep praying for one another. Remembering Roy, he waits to hear about what treatment might be available for him. Also Shelia who has broken her thumb, it is beginning to heal and feel a little less sore, so we thank God for that. Brenda and Val are going through tough times with pain and disability. It has been and continues to be a really horrible time for those who are alone or shielding they are overwhelmed, feeling lonely and isolated. If I can help anyone who needs anything let me know.