Keeping in Touch
Sunday Services at 6.30pm
A Very Warm Welcome

A prayer for us all each day

As we rejoice in the gift of this day, so may the light of Your presence, O God set our hearts on fire with love for you; now and forever. Amen




Evening Service


Mr. Cyril Bamforth



Evening service

Communion – 6.30pm

Mr. Charles deLacy



Evening Service


Mrs. Norma Huxter



Harvest Thanksgiving

Family & Parade Service.10am

 Led by Carol Hutchings


Harvest Songs of Praise

Fellowship Service


OCTOBER  2022     SERVICES at 6.30pm


Evening Service

Fellowship Service


Evening Service

Mr. Charles deLacy, Communion


Evening Service

Rev. Malcolm Boulter


Evening Service

Mrs. Norma Huxter


Evening Service

Mr. Cyril Bamforth


What’s On in SEPTEMBER

Sun 4th    Mr Cyril Bamforth                        18.30

Tues 6th     Prayer in vestry                                     09.45-10.00

                Meet up at Coffee & Chat                        10.00-12.00

Thurs 8th Knit & Natter                                         10.00-12.00

Sun 11th   Mr. Charles deLacy                       18.30

Tues 13th Prayer in vestry                                     09.45-10.00

                Meet up at Coffee & Chat                          10.00-12.00

Thurs  15th         Knit and Natter                            10.00-12.00

SAT 17TH   CHURCH MEETING      A.G.M.                  10.00-12.00

Sun 18th Mrs. Norma Huxter                       18.30

Tues 20th            Prayer in vestry                            09.45-10.00

                Meet up at a Special  Coffee & Chat         10.00-12.00

                Theme ‘HARVEST-Bread Cheese & Pickles

Thurs 22nd          Knit & Natter                               10.00-12.00

Sat 24th   DECORATE FOR HARVEST                   14.30

Sun 25TH           HARVEST THANKSGIVING – 10 am Family and Parade Service led by Carol Hutchings and in the evening 18.30 Songs of Praise – fellowship service with bread, cheese and pickles afterwards.

Tues 27th           Prayers in the Vestry                   09.45-10.00

                Meet up at Coffee & Chat                        10.00-12.00

Thurs 29th          Knit & Natter                              10.00-12.00

Sharon’s Musings

Here we are again, September already! I have just read through what I wrote in August and it is going to be almost a repeat. We are bombarded with doom and gloom on the news, and it is so very worrying for people who are living on tight budgets. People are terrified! Being someone of the older generation we have lived through this sort of thing before, of course it doesn’t make it easier, but we will get through this. We need to be looking out for one another and helping where we can. Phew! It has been so hot, but as I write this, we have just had some heavy rain and the air is much fresher today. We really shouldn’t complain, people spend thousands of pounds on holidays that take them to hot countries for their holiday, but being British of course we do! It is the relentless day after day of hot weather and no rain. It does certainly make you think about parts of the world that do not see rain for a year or even years in some cases. We are never satisfied and thankful, are we!

So what has been happening since I last wrote, well we have been back to Devon for a flying visit to collect our caravan and bring it home. Phew! It was a hot tiring couple of days. We did manage to spend a lovely evening with some of the family at a special beach nearby for an evening paddleboard/swim and then back to the camp field for fish and chips. The night sky was clear even though it was a very warm evening and the stars were shining in their millions! The field is a perfect place for star gazing because of the openness of area and the huge sky. We had been told that we might see shooting stars! I was feeling pretty tired having been up since 3am for our journey down to Devon, but the wait was well worth it! Sitting out in the dark, with a huge expanse of sky. It was so peaceful and amazing, and something I would never have done at home being crowded out by houses and trees. Yes, I did see some shooting stars, they seemed to be so large as they flashed through the sky, but were gone in an instant. Being out in nature and experiencing all these things for Free! Such joy! We get so absorbed in our lives with stuff! that we forget the simple things which just take our minds away in wonder. This reminds me of a wonderful hymn. ‘How Great Thou Art’ first verse….

O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder consider all the works Thy hand hath made, I see the stars I hear the mighty thunder, the power throughout the universe displayed; Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee, how great Thou art……………..

CHURCH MEETING A.G.M Saturday 17th Sept. 10.00

Please do come if you can make it. This will be a very important meeting as we will be looking to the future of this fellowship. Jo will have stepped down from her role as Secretary, which will leave me covering both Secretary and Treasurer positions. I am making it an A.GM. because we missed a church meeting this year in May, so it would be nice to have reports from the groups that meet at the church. Thank you


Looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

NEED INFORMATION? Listed below are some helpful numbers

CHURCH CONTACTS- on line – www.silverendcongregationalchurch.org

Church Open                     Tuesday            10.00 – 12 noon

Coffee & Chat                    Tuesday            10.00 - 12 noon

Church Treasurer &       Mrs. S. Gray     Tel. 07710 285214

Enquiries                            e.mail             sharon@silverend.org

Church Telephone No.            01376 584306       Post Code CM8 3QF (Silver Street)

Silver End Guiding Group        Contact Mrs. Carol Hutchings 07857 663959

Rainbows, Guides, Brownies, Rangers

Tues.         Silver Swans Movement Class 11.00-12pm             Contact Gemma 07597 649240

Wed.         Carolyn’s Dance Group - Disco/Street Dance           Contact Harriet 07855 014717

Thurs.       SILVER TOTS (Baby & Toddler Group) at 9.45am- Nikki 07809 761902 (Term Time)

Thurs.       Knit & Natter Thursday 10.00 – 12 noon                   Contact, Barbara 01376 585467

SCOUT GROUP    Dan Sutton (Scout Leader)            dan@silverend-scouts.org.uk   07970 730636


Thanks and Prayers


So many thank you’s as always! I say every month that this church wouldn’t be able to stay open if it wasn’t for all the help we receive. It is often the small things that people do, that can get overlooked, we appreciate you all! A big thanks to Denise and Mandy who have kept the doors open throughout August for Coffee & Chat, it has been so busy with lots of new faces. The girls are very efficient and keep us all topped up with coffee/tea and cake. Thanks also to Gloria, Tanya and Doreen who have stepped in when needed. Also thank you to all those who contribute by buying or making cakes, and biscuits. We realise that budgets will be tight in the coming months so please do not feel you need to help unless you would like to. Everything at Coffee Morning is by donation, so please do not feel you cannot come along. Thank you Daphne who continues to work very hard in the church garden, please do go out around the back and take a look. The Guide group have made their garden very pretty. Sam who picks up litter in the village keeps that all watered and nice and there are chairs for you to sit on. Big thanks to Daphne and Jane who once again have helped me with sealing the hall floors. They did the bulk of the hard work whilst I sorted out some draws and rubbish. Could I ask that all people who use the halls try and look after them. Also big thank you to Dave, who is proving to be a wiz with all the technology on a Sunday. He is very calm and proficient and an answer to prayer! Thank you. And finally all who read this news letter contribute to this church in their own way and we thank you for caring.




We give thanks for the Harvest, we know that it has been a very difficult one for our farmers and gardeners as we see that the fields are already being ploughed for next year even though we are still in August! We are still very blessed.

We do pray for those who are very worried about how they will manage as the colder weather begins with everything costing so much. Help us as a church and Christians to reach out to people and help where we can.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, 6 months have passed by now and winter is on its way, we do pray that they will get through these next very difficult months. This just puts all our countries problems into perspective.

We pray for all those grieving at this time, especially remembering Irene Lines and family who would value your prayers. We also remember those in need of care, thinking of Eve, Roy, Also Nichole and Lynda recovering from operations. We know there are many struggling with on going problems, which can be very debilitating and depressing.

Pray for our young people who will be going back or may be just starting school, college or university. We think of all that have received their exam results for ‘A’ level or GCSE’s  which will take them on probably to work, apprenticeships, college or Uni. Well Done! These are all big stepping stones in our lives. We pray for all the families here in Silver End, for the local school here and those schools around which many of our young people attend. May God Bless them and be with them all,

Pray for little Elsie as she starts at Silver End school, she is very excited! Remember Marie, Jamie and family as they support her, especially big sister Darcey who will be at school with her. Darcey won the Miss Barnes award last term for showing kindness and help to those around her. Pray that all Elsie’s needs will be met by the school, with ease and any problems soon sorted out.