Extracts from the Minutes of the General Committee at Chelmsford


Monday October 24th, 1927  11am

Silver End. Rev J Rennie Brown called attention to the position at this place where Messrs Crittall were building a model industrial village. The Coggeshall Free Church has been seriously concerned about the matter but though they felt this spiritual provision was urgently needed they were unable to undertake the responsibility of providing for it. He had learnt unofficially that the Baptists were not anxious to take up work here. The moderator said that experience proved that the Union Churches were neither as happy nor as efficient as denominational causes. Mr Ward believed we should tell the Baptists that we were willing to assume entire responsibility for a church at Silver End. He offered to interview Mr Crittall to see if the firm’s promise of a site and other help would hold good in the event of our doing so. He moved that a committee be appointed, the chairman Rev J Rennie Brown, Messrs Cousins and H Owen Ward


Monday March 26th, 1928 11am

The Church at Braintree and Bocking was anxious to help in extension at Hay Lane and Silver End…..

At Silver End Messrs Crittall had given a site and promised a donation. This had been intended originally for a free church but by a friendly arrangement with the Baptists the work would be left to the Congregationalists and the trust would be Congregational. In a personal interview Mr Frank Crittall had given his consent to this plan and intended to put the donation in their hands.

On behalf of the Braintree and Bocking Churches the Rev J E Barber announced that their help would be conditional on the churches at Hay Lane and Silver End be opened free of debt.


Monday October 29th, 1928

Silver End. The case of Silver End occupied some considerable time. It was finally agreed in view of the special circumstances obtaining there that the sum of £50 be asked from the Central Fund and a sum of £50 be granted from the Essex Union to be placed at the disposal of the Church Extensions Committee with a view to a fully qualified man being appointed to Silver End and that Messrs Crittall be approached with a view to their making it possible that such a man be installed at Silver End as soon as possible


Monday March 25th, 1929

The Rev Whitmee reported in the case of Silver End and hoped that soon an accredited minister would take charge of the work there. A most cordial and unanimous invitation had been addressed to Rev G C Lambert MA BD of Wallasey Liverpool to take charge at Silver End and it was expected that by May he would have accepted and begun his work there.


Monday October 28th, 1929

He spoke of the encouraging work being done at Silver End and the urgent need of proceeding at once to erect a new church there. At present the folks of Silver End were worshipping in the Lesser Hall


Monday March 24th, 1930

W J Gray in chair

A new church was to be built forthwith at Silver End. The date of the stone laying was fixed for Tuesday April 29th at 3pm. Messrs Crittall would make arrangements for delegates attending the Union meetings at Witham to be present on that ……occasion.


Monday October 27th, 1930

Rev O L Whitmee briefly reported the exceptional success of the church at Silver End under the pastorale of Rev G L Lambert. It was one of the finest pieces of work accomplished by the extensions committee.