Graham Jones who now lives in Australia has been kind enough to send these photos

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The 1st photo is of the Sunday School choir of 1951 which took first place in the local annual Church Eisteddfod. It was the Church's 21st Anniversary Year and it was a double celebration because the Church Choir also came first in their section. Our Minister was Reverend Arthur J Stubbs, the choirmaster was Arthur Davies, the choir's pianist was Mrs Jenkins and the elderly gentleman at back left is my maternal grandfather, George William Richer, who was Sunday School Superintendent.
The 2nd photo shows the combined companies of the Boys Brigade and Girls Life Brigade attached to the church in 1950. The minister's wife is standing beside Reverend Stubbs. The BB leader, Captain Joe Rigg, is partially hidden behind the minister and his assistant, Lieutenant Vic Sadler, is standing far left. The GLB leader, Miss Olive Cornfield, stands in front of our minister and wife. Olive was a stalwart of the church, as indeed were her parents. She was long-time church deacon, organist, leader of GLB, Sunday School teacher and had a superb contralto voice. She was a full participant in the church when I was a child and she was still organist at the time of my parent's funerals in 1981/2 - a wonderful lady.
The 3rd photo, which appeared in the local newspaper 'Braintree and Witham Times', is of my grandfather, George William Richer, who, with my grandmother, were founder members of the church. The village and church celebrated his 80th birthday in the Village Hall in March 1965. Sadly, he died a few weeks later.
The 4th photo is of my grandmother, Marjorie Alice Richer, to whom the brass vases and lectern on the communion table are dedicated. She died in 1946 at the age of 54. My uncle and her only son, Laurie, was killed in action in the Ardennes only months before the end of WW2. She never recovered from that grief. He was a Metropolitan policeman in London and therefore exempt from military duty but, like so many other young men of that era, he volunteered for duty in the Tank Corp.
The 5th and final photo depicts the Silver End Primary School football team of 1949/50 season. At the back is the long-time Headmaster, 'Pop' Newton, and the sports master is Eric Broad. It is interesting to note that Eric Broad and the player in front of him, John Keeble, were to become brothers-in-law because Eric married John's older sister, June, who was the infants teacher at the school at that time. I believe 'Pop' Newton was appointed Headmaster at the school's commencement and he retired in December 1958. He and his wife retired to Dovercourt where he became Mayor of Harwich Town Council.